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Homework Policy

It is expected that each student will read at home each day for a minimum of 20 minutes for the purpose of continued practice of reading skills learned at school.  

Other homework that may be assigned is given with the intent of increasing student academic achievement on essential skills. Additional activities and resources may be shared with parents, students, and their families for extra practice of knowledge and skills taught at school. 

Teachers will ensure that adequate time is provided at school for students who use their time and tools wisely to complete assignments/work. If situations occur where a student is not completing assignments/work in class, the teacher will attempt to accommodate or differentiate to meet the needs of the student.  If, after accommodation and differentiation, the student is still not completing assignments/work, the teacher will work with parents to devise a plan to assist the student to complete assignments/work at home.

Students who are absent will work at home to complete missing assignments in a timely manner.