Minutes for Community Council Committee

December 4, 2017

Meeting began at 11:49 am

In attendance:
Quinn Karlinsey
Kari Breeding
Rebecca Cannon
Angie Fisher
Monica Hanks

Minutes read by Angie Fisher.  Mr. Karlinsey motioned to approve minutes and Rebecca seconded it.  Passed unanimously.

Plan Review by Mr. Karlinsey.  Of our two goals, Reading and Math, we have substantially more money allotted in Reading. However, there is a definite need for Reading which carries over into Math.

Weber School District is now sending PCE leadership team to training.  This will free up funds in the trust land used for this in the past.  

Budget Review by Mr. Karlinsey.  We currently have approximately $73000 in the General Supplies category but Becki Kohler will start moving money into budgeted categories.  We have spent 20% of the amount budgeted for aides but we are actually through 25% of the school year.  Therefore, we should have extra funds in admissions (training) and possibly salaries.  If so Mr. Karlinsey would want more aide time, specifically in kindergarten.  He would need a maximum of $6000. 

Also possibly extra funds in Supply category.  Council discussed where to spend extra funds: Chromebooks, Audio systems, or projectors.  Actually, 7- 8 projectors were purchased at end of last year rather than 6 noted in the previous meeting. 

Becky talked about Trustland Meeting.  We had around 30% increase in money this year.  We should expect a more gradual increase from now on.  Our post-school improvement plan needs to be on the school’s website along with the Trustland fund plan.  We need to state if they are the same.  Becky also talked about how the distribution of funds works.  They take 10% then give each school the same amount.  This plan favors smaller schools but they are going to leave it the same.  Schools cannot use funds for sports or extra-curricular activities.   

Kari mentioned how there is only one prompt in the writing portion of SAGE. 

Monica said there is no longer a ‘share’ bowl in the school cafeteria.  Previously, there was a bowl that kids could put milk or juice in if they did not want it and anyone could come and take the extras from the bowl.  Now they are putting the milk or juice back in the fridge and selling it again to someone else the next day. 

There will be a new elementary school in the Remuda subdivision in Farr West.  Not sure if Plain City Elementary’s boundaries will change.  There will probably be input from the community. 

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