Parents and students have primary responsibility for student dress.  We appreciate and respect all students dressed appropriately and ready for school.  Standards of appearance at Plain City Elementary require that a student’s appearance not be disruptive or detrimental to the educational process (this includes hair style or color). Items of apparel and grooming that may violate this dress standard are those that advertise or promote alcohol or tobacco products, illegal substances, inappropriate sexual content, gang insignia, or any other disruptive or unsafe apparel.  Some personal grooming and items of clothing appropriate for other settings may be considered inappropriate—short, tight, ragged, revealing or otherwise disruptive for school.  Shirts or blouses must have sleeves that cover the ball of the shoulder and with sufficient fabric length to cover the student’s midsection.  Shorts or skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length. Hats in the school are not allowed.  By state law the wearing of shoes is required. We strongly suggest closed-toed shoes be worn to prevent injuries. The school may make exceptions to the dress standard for special occasions.  It is expected and appreciated that parents who spend time at our school follow the above dress code as well.


Policies for Electronic Devices in Public School,” and in compliance with Weber School District Policies 8350 Digital Media Devices and 5200 Student Discipline Policy (Including Safe School Policy) Plain City Elementary addresses misuse of digital media devices by employees and students in the above mentioned policies.  Possession and use of these devices are addressed in the following policy:

The use of digital media devices (cell phones, pagers, computers, PDA’s, radios, CD/DVD players, MP3 players, digital still and video cameras, and electronic games) has increased in our community and school.  While digital media devices are beneficial, their misuse may be disruptive to a positive learning environment and may infringe on the privacy and rights of others.  Misuse of digital media devices may be detrimental to the learning environment at Plain City Elementary.

DMD information:

  • Digital media devices may be housed in student backpacks on school grounds, but their use is prohibited.
  • Students are prohibited from using any of the above listed non-school digital media devices on school grounds during school hours and are strongly cautioned not to bring these items to school.

Students who violate this policy:

  • Will have their digital media device confiscated by school staff and placed in the school office.
  • Student’s parents/guardians will be notified on the day of confiscation by office staff.
  • The device will be returned to the parent or guardian at the school by office staff.
  • If further inappropriate use continues, disciplinary action may be taken, which includes, but is not limited to suspension and/or referral to the district office.

The principal may make exceptions to the digital media device policy under adult supervision for instructional purposes, classroom use, special occasions, or emergencies. 

Plain City Elementary is not responsible for lost or stolen digital media devices.


Plain City Elementary enforces Weber School District policies including Student Conduct and Discipline Policy (Including Safe School Policy) which may be found on the District’s website at under Board /Policies and Procedures/Article 5—Student Conduct. Plain City’s school-wide student management plan, The Power of the Paw,  is included with these documents.

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